come enjoy this lonely sky! (abattoirnoises) wrote in saturatedsheets,
come enjoy this lonely sky!

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you suckahs got served.


my body, may it burst & bloom
the skin of my waist, may it fold up
in the image of a lotus.
my hands with their blunt, slender fingers,
may they fold & crease.
& may this atrophy help to ease
the stress of this bloom.
& may my lids close & turn in,
to burst into color.
& may my child-eyes reflect
the blue-green summer sky.
& when i judge the time to be ripe,
may my limbs convulse
to thrust themselves out like petals.
& may the skin of my waist
peel back to reveal, in the welling of dew drop red,
the change in my color, & texture.
& may i become new
in the eyes of high summer.

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